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Blackberry NEW Security MEP unlock code

Blackberry NEW Security MEP unlock code

Blackberry NEW Security MEP unlock code

Blackberry NEW Security MEP unlock code. A unique unlocking code calculated for your phone to remove the network provider lock and use it with any mobile SIM card. This is for the NEW SECURITY type platform (2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012) - that cannot be unlocked by the normal Blackberry unlock code services. Got a wrong Blackberry unlock code from another company? This service is the solution to your problem! This service not only supports the New Security, but ALL Blackberry models on ALL networks.

How do I find out if my phone has the NEW SECURITY?
If your phone has '03' or '04' or '05' in the middle of the IMEI then it is the new security, e.g. xxxxxx 03 xxxxxxx. Also ALL UNSUPPORTED networks and models on the normal Blackberry unlock code service IS SUPPORTED by THIS new security service - regardless of the IMEI having '03' / '04' / '05' in the middle or not.

How long does it take to unlock my Blackberry?
5 minutes, once you receive the unlock code.

Can you get the MEP unlock code for all Blackberry models?
Yes, our codes are direct from the RIM database.

How long does it take to get the unlocking code for my Blackberry?
12 to 48 hours.

What is the process to unlock my Blackberry?
1. Fill in your phones info in the fields provided below (Model, PRD Number, Network, IMEI)
2. Click on "Add to cart"
3. Checkout and pay
4. Once payment is received we will start to process your order
5. You will receive a unique MEP unlocking code for your phone by e-mail, along with instructions on how to enter it.

How do I find my phones IMEI?
1. Power on your phone (without a SIM card inserted)
2. Type in the following code: *#06# (star, hash, 0, 6, hash)
3. The IMEI will appear on the phones screen

How do I find my phones PRD?
The PRD number is located on the sticker at the back of the phone (underneath the battery). The format should be PRD-XXXXX-XXX, where 'X' are digits. See image below as an example.

Blackberry new security unlock code is also known as:
Blackberry new security remote unlock code
Blackberry new security MEP code
Blackberry new security MEP unlock code
Blackberry new security unlocking code

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  • Author: Pav Sharms
    Worked Flawlessly.
    I had been informed by a phone shop there was no method to unlock my new security Blackberry, and another company said it would take me two weeks. Another company had to give me a refund because they couldn't do it either!

    Found this place on the net and it sounded good enough. Less than 24hours after I ordered I plugged in the code they sent me and voila, it worked! Now I don't have to carry two phones around with me anymore!!

    Top stuff!
  • Author: annabelle cook
    I visited almost 10 highstreet unlocking shops who all either told me that it was not possible to unlock my phone or that it would have to be sent of to a particular center to be unlocked due to the new security installed on it.

    After finding this website i decided to give it a go before sending my phone off to be unlocked. No more than 12 hours later i recieved the code and my phone is now unlocked to all networks.

  • Author: Arlene
    Absolutely super service!
    My Blackberry was unlocked in the space of 2-3 hours! Excellent! Will definately reccomend these guys!!
  • Author: R Rai
    This is the 2nd time I placed an order with Fones Unlock. The 1st time my Blackberry was from Uk, I got received the code in a few hours. The 2nd one from 3 Australia, Fones Unlock relly put in their effort. I really appreciate their co operation. It took them a few days as phones from 3 are hard to unlock but Fones Unlock did it. I'll recommend them to my friends. hats off to you Fones Unlock :)
  • Author: Sicobiso
    Excellent Service... absolutely Perfect

    i ordered my unlock code Wednesday 9 PM received it next day 1 PM... exactly 16 hours... Thank you
  • Author: Khan
    Sent the code for my BB Bold 9700 after just 12hours. Very good service.
  • Author: Banko
    Received the code in less than two hours and was able to unlock the phone within 5 minutes. Very highly recommend this site to anyone who would like to do the same. Great value, great service!
  • Author: Lee
    I got the recommendation for the site off a friend who used it before so I was already expecting good service. I got exactly that. Ordered late in the day and received the code early the next morning, worked like a charm! Thanks!
  • Author: Ladislas
    Was scpetic about doing this online with a completely unknown provider but all turned out great.
    Thanks again for the great service, it was straightforwad and painless, received the codes in less than 24hrs as promised and it works.
  • Author: katyjw
    Brilliant service. Unlock code for my blackberry 9700 emailed to me with a couple of hours of me requesting it and it worked perfectly. Thank you very much
  • Author: Will Chaloner
    Thanks guys, 24hrs later and my BB 8520 was unlocked. So easy, so cheap.
  • Author: Ini A. Akpan
    Cheaper than every other website i found. And it worked!
    BB 9700 unlocked with no hitches AT ALL.
  • Author: Jean
    Apr 10 - this is brilliant site and can be trusted, i requested my unlock fee on wed at 3pm and got my code on thurs 9am! all worked great, don't hesitate to use this site to unlock your phone for a great price too!
  • Author: Magnus
    That was PERFECT!

    I called orange to get the code, cost 20 pounds and the code will be sent in a month!!

    Found this, payed at 14.00 today, got right NOW! :D

    Thank you!
  • Author: ilona
    June 15 2010,Thanks guys!My Blackberry 8520 curve is now unlocked. I received unlock code after 16 hours, instuctions on the website are very easy to follow.
  • Author: Olle
    Awesome service. Don't normally write reviews but had to write for this one. Satisfied to the max. =D
  • Author: ella
    YES!!!! it worked so happy i though it was a scam but its not and they charge a decent price i definitely recommend this site to everyone! woop!!
  • Author: Al
    very good happy my phone is sim free!
  • Author: jesus alberto
    this will always work, no matter wich carrier or model of blackberry you have, it's really a quick and smooth jod, thank you!!!
  • Author: df
  • Author: Saleen
    Works like a charm!! Now my 8900 has been officially unlocked!! Thank you!! :)
  • Author: Marjo
    I was first afraid because I didn't know the security of this site and because I live in France, but it really worked so it is a website to recommand !! Thanks ++
  • Author: Manuel
    Excellent. I've unlocked 3 different models of Blackberry without problems.
  • Author: Sarah
    Absolutely fabulous! I had my 8900 unlocked in 5 min! A* service and friendly, helpful people
  • Author: Wendy
    Brilliant service! Had tried another online service and was given three wrong codes before I looked elsewhere and found this site! were really quick completing the order and the code worked straight away. Thanks
  • Author: Gerrit Kool (
    Very very well, my compliments for This site, unlockt for 5 EURO
  • Author: Maj
    Sent details and code received within 36 hours. Unlocked Blackberry 8900 successfully.
  • Author: Laura T
    Worked first time, better than going to a dodgy phone shop where you would get ripped off. Thanks!
  • Author: Yipsy Ross
    It worked perfectly on my Blackberry Curve 8520....Beautiful!!!!....Thank You
  • Author: Annmarie Pryor (
    still havent recieved my code day3 and counting!!
  • Author: sonic mentes (
  • Author: Geoffrey Howie (
    v good
  • Author: rhys walby (
  • Author: jade stamps (
    there is no add to cart button any help because i really need to unlock my blackberry bold 9780?
  • Author: ALE REPS (
  • Author: Jane Rogers (
  • Author: christopher cunningham (
    ive entered the details and its still saying currently unavailable plus ive e-mailed them still no response.. quite poor if u ask me
  • Author: Chris Kalis (
    I need the unlock code so that I can start using my phone.
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