T-Mobile unlock code (UK)

T-Mobile unlock code (UK)

T-Mobile unlock code. An unlocking code that will remove the network lock on your UK T-Mobile phone within minutes!

Can you get the unlocking code for all UK T-Mobile locked phones?
Yes. All phone brands and models that are locked on the T-Mobile (UK) network - except 5800XM & Side-Kick

How long does it take to get the unlocking code for my T-Mobile phone?
1 to 4 working days.

What is the process to unlock my T-Mobile phone?
1. Fill in your phones info in the fields provided below (Brand, Model, IMEI)
2. Click on "Add to cart"
3. Checkout and pay
4. Once payment is received we will start to process your order
5. You will receive a unique unlocking code for your phone by e-mail, along
with instructions on how to enter it.

How do I find my phones IMEI?
1. Power on your phone (without a SIM card inserted)
2. Type in the following code: *#06# (star, hash, 0, 6, hash)
3. The IMEI will appear on the phones screen

T-Mobile unlock code is also known as:
T-Mobile remote unlock code
T-Mobile unlocking code

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  • Author: Steven D
    Worked perfectly. Code arrived 29 hours after placing the order. About the same price as T-Mobile, but they quoted 28 days!! I'd recommend these guys. I can now switch to a local network when traveling!
  • Author: peter
    Am a moble phone shop owner,i deal with lot of unlocking .i just want to know if there is any discount for dealers like me.
  • Author: Tomasz F
    Well done nokia e72 unlocked in 3 days.
  • Author: Stef
    Unlocked two phones using this site, a Sony E Experia 10 mini pro on TMobile and a N86 on Orange. Both unlock codes worked. Good price, with simple instructions well done!
  • Author: Mentor Bajrami (galant_001@hotmail.com)
    I wan to know it is possible to unlock Nokia 6700 from UK. T Mobile?
  • Author: MOHAMMED ALOM (alom.bagon@hotmail.com)
    dis vey good :)
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