JIC Tornado HTC unlock server

JIC Tornado HTC unlock server
JIC Tornado HTC server. Unlock HTC Diamond, TyTN, Kaiser and Touch HD phones instantly! No waiting for unlock code, no flashing required, no unlocking by patch, no need to give the IMEI and wait for the unlock file - Just reads the unlock code directly from the handset INSTANTLY (the safest way to unlock your phone).

New HTC Tornado unlocking server from JIC

All Qualcomm handsets supported:
  • HTC;
    • Touch HD
    • Diamond
    • TyTn
    • Kaiser
Instant 2 second unlock via original cable for all new HTC handsets !
  • Reads the unlock code DIRECT from the handset INSTANTLY
  • No patching
  • No flashing
  • No need to give IMEI and wait for *.unl file
  • No need to wait for operator codes
Supported Models:
  • HTC Blackstone;
    • Touch HD (Blackstone)
  • HTC Raphael;
    • P4600
    • P4601
    • P4602
    • Touch Pro
    • Touch Pro T7272
    • O2 Xda Diamond Pro
    • O2 Xda Serra
    • T-Mobile MDA Vario IV
    • AT&T Fuze
  • HTC Kaizer;
    • TyTN II
    • Vodafone VPA Compact V
    • Vodafone v1615
    • SFR v1615
    • Swisscom XPA v1615
    • T-Mobile MDA Vario III
    • AT&T Tilt
    • O2 Xda Stellar
    • EMobile Emonster S11HT
  • HTC Niki;
    • T-Mobile MDA Touch Plus
    • P5500 / P5520
    • Touch Dual (Orange) (SFR) (Vodafone) (Swisscom)
    • Dopod S600
    • EMobile Emonster Lite S12HT
    • O2 Xda Star
  • HTC Diamond;
    • P3700
    • P3701
    • P3702
    • Touch Diamond
    • Touch Diamond P3702
    • Touch Diamond (White Gold Edition)
    • Dopod S900 (Touch Diamond)
    • O2 Xda Diamond
    • O2 Xda Ignito
    • T-Mobile MDA Compact IV
Download the HTC Tornado Client from here: JIC Tornado HTC server client

Download the user guide from here: JIC Tornado HTC server user guide

Download Active Sync 4.5 (for WindowsXP only) from here: Active Sync 4.5

How does it work?
You get an email from us with a password for the JIC Tornado HTC server client program
This communicates over the internet with the JIC Tornado HTC server
The server then generates the unlock code for your phone

How long does it take?
The whole process should take no longer than 3 - 5 minutes.

What's included?
You get 1 password for the unlock client program which will let you unlock 1 phone.

How quick do I get my password for the unlock client program?
You will receive the password by email within a few hours after your payment has been cleared.

System Requirements:
Windows XP

Price: £10.00 (11.62)
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