Micro SIM Cutter

Micro SIM Cutter

Micro SIM Cutter: A perfect cutting tool to convert a regular sized mini SIM card into a micro SIM card. Ideal to cut SIM cards for use with iPad and iPhone 4. Cuts to perfect size with ease!

Cutting SIM cards with a pair of scissors isn't recommended as you run the risk of damaging the gold contacts, as well as the device not being able to read the SIM card if the plastic is cut a bit out of place. So save yourself hassle and get this tool!

Our Micro SIM Cutter comes packed with 5 spare adapters to convert a micro SIM back into a regular sized mini SIM card. So whenever you need to use the SIM card back into an older device that takes normal sized mini SIM cards, simply pop it into the adapter and away you go - back to normal!

Main features:

  • Perfectly cuts to micro SIM size
  • Cuts with ease
  • Simple hole punching function
  • Portable
  • Ideal for iPad & iPhone 4
  • Unlimited cutting!

Package Contents:

  • 1 x Micro SIM Cutter
  • 5 x Adapters to convert micro SIM back into a regular sized mini SIM card

Micro SIM Cutter is also known as:
Micro SIM Cutter Tool
Micro SIM Cutting Tool
Mini to Micro SIM Cutter
Micro SIM Card Cutter

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Micro SIM Cutter

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  • Author: afaq hashmi hashmi (afaq_hashmi@hotmail.com)
    i know these guys from last one year trust me these guys always sells very good price comparing to others like ebay and i really like there customer support service !!!!! dont hesitate to shop or buy from these guys cozzz you are in safe hands................hashmi
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