MX KEY BB5 Activation

MX KEY BB5 Activation

MX KEY BB5 Activation. This will allow you to activate your MXKEY with BB5 functions. You can either chose 50 or 100 credits which will be transferred to your MX KEY and ready for you to activate it. Get your MX KEY BB5 Activation now and use the full features of MXKEY!

How much does it cost to activate my MX KEY to use the Nokia BB5 functions?
The price is only 5 for 50 credits or 10 for 100 credits, a ONE off fee to activate your MX KEY dongle.

How long does it take to activate my MX KEY after purchasing from you?
Your MXKEY will be activated within 1 hour, normally done within a few minutes.

I have already activated my MX KEY dongle with the DCT4+ activation before, do I need to activate my dongle with BB5 activation?
No, everything is free for people who have already bought the DCT4+ activation previously because you will have 100 DCT4+ credits and 100 BB5 credits on your dongle (added as courtesy by MXKEY Team).

Do I need BB5 credits to use the BlackBerry unlocker?
Yes, you need to have 100 BB5 credits AND 100 DCT4 Plus credits on your MXKEY to be able to calculate unlimited amount of Blackberry codes. If you have anything less than 100 BB5 credits AND 100 DCT4 Plus credits then you will be charged 1 credit per unlock.

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